The Living Death

This old gentleman, once in his working age had sacrificed all his money, happiness, luxury and comforts to make sure his wife, daughters and sons get every sort of happiness.
And now even in the middle of his 70s, he wakes up early in the morning in the same way he used to wake up in his early age.
But the difference is , earlier when he used to wake up he was the alarm for every single person of his family.
But now when he wakes up, he just sits on his old chair and his ears stick around bird chirpings.

He lost his wife 2 years ago.
Today he has his own nest but his birds have flown away.
He does not blame his birds but he always asks this question to himself: "For 30-40 years, I worked to bring happiness to my family but what about my own happiness which I always wanted after my retirement?"

He just sits in his empty chair and watches TV , which he didn’t like in his young days and he used to scold his children not to watch TV.
But now, no one is there to switch on the TV , so that he can scold.
He switches on his TV and watches news, which he hated the most.
He does all such things which he hated 30-40 yrs back.
He is my dearest and loving Nana-jii...

Now when I see him like this, I ask myself
"Does a man’s life in middle class end up like this? If yes, then what is the purpose of sacrificing all those moments which he will wish for in his old days?

I wonder what is worst:



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