A short story of me and my maa!
(We in India call our mother as MAA.)

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I think 10 days or a couple of weeks from the day I landed to my sweet house because of this corona, all my office, my work, my everything was this sofa, where I used to do all my work, all my learning, watching videos, writing articles, replying mails, attending tons of meetings.


Unlike my brother, I never had the habit of sleeping in the afternoon.
Yes, in the beginning, I used to sleep in the afternoon but that affected my work and I decided not to repeat it again. So from morning 7 or 8, once I sat down on this sofa I decided and commit my self that I will go to bed at night only around 11 or 11:30(spending almost 14–15 hrs on it).

I rarely moved to the bedroom before midnight, even I have to take a short nap, I used to take on this sofa only. Also, on a few nights, due to some work or late-night study, I used to sleep on this sofa.
Days passed, months passed, my maa convinced me badly but I never shifted to the bedroom. Now the reason can be, I know myself that if I moved to the bedroom I will be consuming a lot of time sleeping or taking rest, that’s why till now I never shifted.

Then I started having back pain or because of late-night thing, dark circles started appearing below my eyes. Quite obvious, more than me, my maa was worried.

One fine day, I saw my cousin using one small portable table for study and it was cheap and with no delay, I went with her to the shop where she bought that table and I quickly bought it.

table on sofa

Now there was a love triangle of me my sofa and this cute little table. But I haven’t shifted to the bedroom. Yes, there was a shift, all my work, studies, food, everything shifted from the sofa to this table.
Now I started working on this table, and sooner I got free from the back pain but being a mother she was not happy with the rest of the things. She was still struggling, to convince her son.

Yes, I realized that the dark circle was increasing day by day and I change the habit of late-night study and started waking up early and going to bed early. Sooner, this dark circle thing got vanished. But still, my maa wanted that big shift so that I can take rest on the bed in between the work.
To be very honest, even though the dark circle got vanished, but my back pain and neck pain haven’t gone completely. It was there, I was just hiding from my maa so that she will not worry much. Whenever I stretch my body a little bit, that cracking sound of bone can easily be heard and my maa will be in anger listening to that sound. Everything she tried but for her, there was only failure and nothing else.
But I forgot one thing, that she is a typical middle-class Indian mother and to be in that category, ONE NEVER STOP TRYING, UNTIL THE BATTLE IS WON.

Now, I want to mention something here:
We don’t realize one thing about our parents and especially for our maa, that she always stood with us in every situation, they can’t see their kids having any sort of problems, and that too in front of them. We just play our ego games of not accepting their command. The night before yesterday, she saw me doing all those short stretching and few neck movement exercise and again she asked me to shift in the bedroom and again I denied the order. So yesterday(Sunday) without saying anything, she did this:

TV rack placed next to sofa

May be from the picture nothing big action can be seen, but let me tell you here. This was a TV rack in the bedroom, in which on the top compartment, our TV is placed and on the bottom two compartments, my maa used to keep her clothes. Today she removed everything from this rack and placed it just beside the sofa where I used to sit all day long. When I came from the washroom and saw this, I was happy, the moment I saw this but on a serious note, within a few seconds, I went emotional.
And literally a few questions just popped up on my mind, asking:

  • Why on earth, I disobey her this much?
  • Am I allowed to show even 0.01% rudeness to this beautiful lady?”.

I was numb, emotional, stopped for a while and I just saw her face for a few seconds and I know that she understood how happy and guilt I am from inside.

I just said to her:

Wow Maa, this is really cool. The super awesome thing you did, thank you, thank you very much. I don’t have words to shower my emotions right now.”

With a little smile, she just left the room and started doing daily things. I couldn’t control my emotion and I quickly went to the kitchen where she was making chapati for her idiot son and I just hugged her from the back and said “THANK YOU” again, this time with more emotion and feelings. She said nothing and busy making chapatis. I just saw her and held her tightly and kissed her on the cheek.
I don’t know why I went to a flashback where, in the past, I showed rudeness to her or disobey her or scolded her and how she never showed the rudeness.

I was like:

She never born for this tolerance,
she never born for this sheer patience of tackling her idiot son,
she never born to be treated like this,
she never born for making endless chapatis every single day from 32 years.

I am too tiny to comment on her works, on her activity, on her actions. In fact, everyone is too tiny for giving any comment/suggestion to his or her maa.
No, we are not allowed or supposed to do any bad things to maa.
Give her RESPECT and VALUE. That’s it. She really really doesn’t need anything from us, because she is not selfish like “US”.

She killed her own identity in her teenage time to make our identity worthy of this world.

Our every achievement is the accumulation of the sacrifice of her own individual life.

Keep the above words in mind. You may or may not be a great daughter/son but I really have one kind request to you, please start showing all the love and affection to your maa which you felt towards her but never got the chance to say to her. Hug her tightly, kiss her, hold her hand, and just look into her eyes and say “MAA, I REALLY LOVE YOU. AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.
(If you are not there with her now, try to tell over the phone. It works.)

That’s it. I know, I said it will be a short story and I stretched this much. Trust me, words were getting added on the spot when I started writing this story.

That’s it from my side!!! Think of all the things which I stated above and let me know in the comment section about your views on it.

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-Gareeb CODER

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