LeetCode September Challenge(Day-11)


Topic — Maximum Product Subarray

Q. Given an integer array nums, find the contiguous subarray within an array (containing at least one number) which has the largest product.

Example 1:

Input: [2,3,-2,4]
Output: 6
Explanation: [2,3] has the largest product 6.

Example 2:

Input: [-2,0,-1]
Output: 0
Explanation: The result cannot be 2, because [-2,-1] is not a subarray.


  • If the length of the array is 0, then we return nothing
  • If the length of the array is 1, then we return the array itself.
  • Now, in rest of the cases, first we will capture the first element of the array separately and iterate from the second element onward.
  • We will multiply the first and second element and capture the product, to compare it with rest of the contiguous sub-array
  • Have an eye on the max product with the sub-array
  • That’s it



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